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A place where the stars shine bright and water meets the ground creating a healing oasis.



At The Jenesis House, we are committed to providing unparalleled luxury experiences, redefining the concept of hospitality.


From our exquisite residences to our exclusive retreats and curated store offerings, we strive to create unforgettable moments for our guests while supporting our vision of opening an adult-only wellness resort in Arizona.


With a focus on wellness, mindfulness, and cultural diversity, The Jenesis House aims to inspire, rejuvenate, and elevate the lives of all who cross our threshold.


Experience &

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Embark on our retreats through one of two distinct avenues. Choose our residences for the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to book at your convenience across various locations in Arizona. Enjoy an all-inclusive experience featuring daily yoga, a private chef, and more. Alternatively, opt for our destination retreats, designed for those seeking to venture beyond, with two limited-location dates unveiled each year. These experiences offer unparalleled exclusivity and are truly unforgettable opportunities.


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Making History


Less than 1% of Black women own hotels. However, at The Jenesis House, we're committed to changing this statistic. That's why 100% of profits from our retreats and stores directly contribute to our goal of opening a wellness resort. This future Jenesis House Resort will offer a unique blend of amenities, including a spa, healing arts, farm-to-table nutrition, and comprehensive wellness experiences. Inspired by Afro and Asian influences, our destination retreat will reflect the rich cultural diversity of our founder's background, creating a truly immersive and transformative experience for all who visit.

The Jenesis House Prescott
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Hand-Poured Crystal Candles

Each candle is made with essential oils, all-natural soy wax, and a wood-wick for an ever-flowing burn. The candles were made to burn up to 50 hrs, with a dedicated crystal to create a healing environment wherever you are. 



Each candle purchase gets us one step closer. 

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