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Did you say FREE refills?

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 100% of the profits go towards opening The Jenesis House Wellness Resort & Spa.



I’m in LOVE with TJH candles! They are not only chic, but smells amazing! I love the fact that it also has a crystal inside them too! I started burning the Cheque In candle and the scent reminds me of a relaxing time at the spa. Can’t wait to use the other ones as well. 


I purchased all 3 scents, but my favorite one has to be the Chéque Ya Self scent! From the scent and wick to the glass container, I love it all! I have zero complaints. You can tell how much thought, effort, and love has been poured into each candle. I tend to gravitate towards protective stones—Obsidian being a main go-to and the pairing of help with this protective stone is a great balance of blocking negativity and reminding ourselves to protect our mental health through relaxation. 10/10 would recommend to family and friends! 🤍


I ordered the Cheque Out candle and it smells amazing. It's probably the most expensive candle I have ever purchased, but so worth it, especially the fact that your helping fund the first EVER Black owned hotel in Arizona!!

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